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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance

Quick Star Shipping Services is one of the leading customs clearance companies in Dubai, providing customs clearance services for shipments to the UAE, whether through sea ports, land borders or airports.
Quick Star Freight Services has a dedicated team with knowledge of the customs laws of the United Arab Emirates, where we ensure you to process customs clearance efficiently and quickly. We also deliver cargo to your warehouses throughout the UAE, whatever the type of shipment and the type of imported material. We guarantee that we have the expertise to deal with all types of imported materials, be it food, medical, electronic, electrical or other…
Quick Star Freight Services also offers customs clearance for cars and motor vehicles across the UAE.

QUICK STAR assists its clients in preparing all documents related to customs clearance in various parts of the world.

Quick Star aims to be the first choice for importers in Dubai and the UAE, by providing its services accurately and efficiently, and the completion of customs clearance transactions at competitive costs, saving a lot of expenses on customers, in addition to experience in dealing with the competent authorities.

Securities required for import, whether for personal or commercial shipments
Shipping Policy
Authorization to clear the shipments
Prior approvals and permits in the country of import for some special materials.
Health certificate for foodstuffs and others according to the types of shipments imported
Fill statement
Certificate of Origin
For commercial shipments, the importing company should be registered with the Tax Authority and also the Customs Authority.
Advantages of customs clearance services in Dubai and UAE
Facilitate import and export operations by providing customs advice and necessary documentation.
Provide a team of specialists in the work of customs clearance 24 hours a day to ensure the completion of all customs procedures and ensure the readiness of shipping documents necessary for both outgoing and incoming to avoid wasting time and money Tang for any delay.

Provide the best services of transporting cargo from ports and airports to various types of goods and materials after clearance and delivery to your headquarters or warehouses in the UAE.
Follow-up movement and date of arrival of shipments and work to shorten the time required to clear the shipments.
Long experience in finalizing all customs procedures at Jebel Ali Port as well as Dubai airports.

Save time and effort on customers by working on the best innovative customs clearance systems in Dubai (Mersal 2) which allows the completion of all customs procedures in a fast and efficient electronic manner in an integrated manner and provides full support for the completion of all procedures with high accuracy leading to the improvement of the level of services
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