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Air Freight

air freight

Quick Star Shipping Services provides efficient document preparation, comprehensive cargo insurance arrangements, instant access to a full portfolio of detailed information on cargo transportation around the world, as well as customs clearance services.

QuickStar in the UAE and around the world rely on a variety of innovative logistics and air cargo solutions to meet your business needs. The importance of our many services ranging from receiving shipments to supply chain management and value-added services, from helping you Enhance your business efficiency and save time and effort.

Quick Star in Dubai, the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East provides the best logistics solutions in completing all procedures, from receiving the shipment to delivery at the lowest possible delivery while providing the right prices through air freight.

With place-to-place service support, you can simplify your import and export chain, increase transport flexibility and reduce costs by exploiting daily air transport options and contracting with several major carriers to transport goods via air freight.
Access to logistics is critical for the growth and development of businesses in general
and for SMEs in particular, especially in light of the challenges often encountered in finding solutions that meet their needs, hence the need for an efficient and easily available logistics sector. In order to help companies, enterprises and individuals grow and compete competently in the global economic arena.

Highlights of Quick Star Air Cargo Services
Provide insurance service on air cargo according to customer requirements.
Always strive to achieve your requirements by reducing time and at the lowest cost.
Facilitate the air shipment process to meet customer requirements
The possibility of shopping freely without worry of excess weight when traveling we can receive your shipments from any region in Dubai, UAE and the world and delivery to your desired destination.
Always striving to achieve customers' time saving and keeping shipments at the lowest cost.
To achieve our goal in the quality of service and win the trust of customers.
Providing the best over-delivery services for passengers traveling to and from Dubai and the UAE.
Professional and specialized team to provide services around the clock.
Provide door-to-door shipping solutions or door-to-airport shipping with the possibility of choosing the right price.
Daily flights to all airports and cities of the world to suit your wishes.
Extensive experience in refrigerated air cargo operations and air transit operations.
Finish most of the necessary documents from the customs and permit to allow export or import.
Provide packaging service for shipments no matter what.
Select the appropriate airlines to transport cargo and special cargo in the shortest time.
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