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Logistic Information

logistics information

Top Tips in Car Shipping from Dubai and the UAE Quick Star Cargo provides outstanding services in the field of car shipping from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE to most cities and ports in the Arab countries, Africa and the European Union countries and our services cover all of Casablanca in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria , Libya, Alexandria and Port Said,  Arab ...
We are constantly striving to achieve the highest possible standards in our business day in and day out in the quality of services we provide.
We aim to exceed quality standards and we strongly believe that excellence is strengthened through the dedication and commitment of our technology-supported cadres.

Information on customs clearance in Dubai
Information on customs clearance in Dubai There are many imported materials to Dubai from different countries of the world, because of the diversity of Dubai in the trade of goods and the need of the construction and industrial market for many materials, and due to the increasing demand for imports from various countries, has sought Quick Star Shipping Services provides customs clearance service ...
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