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Spooler Services

Spooler services

Temporary or limited storage has become an important logistical necessity as it provides the customer with the possibility to support and organize his business or shipments, distribution or recharging both inside and outside the UAE, more flexible and less costly with the possibility of moving and travel for individuals more comfortable without restriction of obligations and rents Continuous.

Quick Star provides temporary and long term warehousing services to companies and individuals within its warehouses in Dubai effectively and competitively through dedicated spaces for each customer as needed.

At Quick Star, we apply special packaging techniques for every type of material, whether for: furniture storage, decorations, electronics and electrical storage, piano and musical instruments, antiques, beds and cabins, glass and ceramics, files and books and storage. Personal items in addition to office storage, machinery and other materials ..

In addition to providing storage service for many materials and commercial products, industrial equipment and building materials with the possibility of repackaging and distribution in the local market within the UAE or shipped to the countries of the world as you wish. At QuickStar, we take care to protect your property by storing it in a secure and secure warehouse with many storage methods to suit your needs and budgets. Our customers have full flexibility in choosing the weekly, monthly or annual storage period with the appropriate storage capacity in addition to the ability to deal with staff speaking English, Arabic or Hindi.

Storage in Dubai
As a warehousing company specializing in the storage of goods in Dubai and the UAE, we provide you with the warehouses necessary for your logistics needs in a secure environment and equipped with all the possibilities that keep the materials stored well with the availability of good ventilation factor, as it is equipped with safety factors necessary to avoid fire God forbid, in addition to digital surveillance system and 24-hour security to ensure the safety of materials stored in warehouses. QuickStar provides safe storage and transportation services so your products are ideally stored in a secure environment with logistical support with a fleet of trucks capable of handling various types of cargo from handling sensitive consumer goods to delivery to various destinations in the UAE. It is also known that storage is an activity that is based on the collection and storage of goods on a temporary basis and these activities include the procedures of organized storage, maintenance, monitoring, completion and registration until delivery and containment related to the storage of cargo and unloading of goods and the provision of equipment and means of transport within our warehouse (pallet trucks, forklifts and Loading and unloading platforms). Quick Star also provides furniture storage services in Dubai, where it provides a full staff of technicians and professionally trained manpower to finish all the removal, transport and storage of furniture and perform the necessary operations for packaging and preservation.
Our safety requirements during storage
Follow the scientific principles and rules in the delivery and receipt of materials received and issued electronically within special regulations to ensure the imposition of control and preservation without loss or loss.
Taking into account the cleanliness, arrangement and organisation inside the warehouses and the disposal of storage waste on an ongoing basis.
Storage of wood and furniture in a separate place and take into account that the floors are solid and dry to ensure the process of storage.
Classification of materials according to their nature and characteristics and the implementation of the instructions written on their parcels and take into account their homogeneity when storing so that each distinctive type of material is stored separately so easy to identify easily.
Stored materials are placed on metal terraces or shelves and are not placed directly on the ground to protect them from damage.
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the stores, with an emphasis in the implementation of all packages and warning signs are indicated.
The main advantages of dealing with a storage company in Dubai
The possibility of controlling the movement of materials without the need to pay customs duties when stored and exported through free zones.
Providing the changing areas according to the business movement and the market demand of the companies.
Speedy completion of shipping operations when storing with international shipping companies that provide storage service in Dubai and the UAE.
Reduce the indirect cost of imported or exported materials, as the business costs that increase over time for many
products and materials imported or exported requires careful study of the most important stages of the economic chain of product rotation.
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