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Sea Freight
Shipping has made a significant impact since the old in the world of cargo shipping where most of the commercial transactions between different continents of the world by sea freight, and as Dubai a global trading center in the Gulf region and the Middle East.
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Land Shipping
Quick Star Cargo is one of the leading road freight companies in the UAE and the Arabian Gulf. For many years, it has provided its ground-breaking services by providing a huge and diverse fleet of trucks covering the GCC and Middle East countries.
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Air Freight
Quick Star Shipping Services provides efficient document preparation, comprehensive cargo insurance arrangements, instant access to a full portfolio of detailed information on cargo transportation around the world, as well as customs clearance services.

Quick Star

Quick Star Shipping Services seeks to facilitate the movement of international shipping and logistics operations for its customers in the UAE, the Gulf, the Middle East and the world. At Quick Star we are always working to provide the best shipping and international transportation solutions that satisfy customers' needs whatever their size, time, quality and cost. We have the ability to accomplish the right shipping business, whatever it is around the world.

Why Quick Star?

Our branches and agents around the world
Wherever you are and in any country around the world you can access our services, our company has branches from (UAE, Turkey, China, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia ..) and even all over the world
Professionalism and excellence
We continuously strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day business in the quality of our services. We aim to exceed quality standards and strongly believe that excellence is enhanced through the dedication and commitment of our technical staff
Speed and commitment
As a specialized integrated supply chain management company, we always strive to provide our services within the fastest timetable available

More Services

Car Shipping from UAE
The development in the UAE is characterized by exceptional speed, because it is proceeding according to a deliberate approach emanating from within the society, where the wise leadership develops the highest degree of interest.
Partial Charging
Partial shipping is also known as an efficient system for small shipments that form part of the container. Partial shipping uses savings in freight charges, giving full flexibility to meet your shipping needs، Quick Star offers this service in road freight,
Customs Clearance
Quick Star Shipping Services is one of the leading customs clearance companies in Dubai, providing customs clearance services for shipments to the UAE, whether through sea ports, land borders or airports،
Cities we get to
Cities we get to
Kilometers a year
Kilometers a year
Shipping services and information
Top tips on shipping cars from Dubai and the UAE
Quick Star Cargo provides outstanding services in the field of car shipping from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE to most cities and ports in the Arab countries, Africa and the European Union countries. Our services cover all of Casablanca in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria , Libya, Alexandria and Port Said, Arab ... more
Information on customs clearance in Dubai
There are many imported materials to Dubai from different countries of the world, because of the diversity of Dubai in the trade of goods and the need of the construction and industrial market for many materials, and due to the increasing demand for imports from various countries, has sought Quick Star Shipping Services provides customs clearance service ...